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Check out the events on the Calendar and then check below the calendar to register for the event using the GUEST BOOK. Some flyers may also be available.
Ride for Kids - Baltimore
Scott W and Don E waiting for the Millersburg Ferry
Dan M in line for an After Gathering Ride on a summer day
Guided Poker Run at PA-B's May Spring Fling
Polar Bear Ride (parked at Fire House for Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner)
Some PA-B Members stop for a rest in New Hampshire
Wayne and Kim F along with John P waiting for the start of a charity ride for a motorcycle crash victim
PA-B Members atop the rock at Americade, Lake George, NY
Jeff and Carol D on an Ice Cream Social Ride
Check out the "SPECIAL EVENTS" webpage above for:
Spring Fling, District Rally, All Chapters East, Wing Ding and more

Reminder: Every Tuesday is Ice Cream Social Night! Check the calendar above for location as it changes each MONTH in the fall and winter! This is a great time for those wanting to check us out to come too!
    Sample of Impromptu Ride! See Guest Book for instructions ------------->

Event Box Color Code for Events Below:
 Red = No info yet; Yellow = Information coming soon; Green = The fun is ready so sign-up! 
NEW!!! Blue = Impromptu Ride 
Do you want to schedule a ride and have some friends go along? Find a BLUE box below. If there are no rides scheduled in the Guest Book, enter your name and information about the ride you want to have (who, what, where, kickstands up time, arrival time, etc. ) Then enter the code. Then wait for others to check it out and join you.
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After Gathering - Bowling Fun and then Dinner
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Game Day at the Parker's - Board Games and Fun, Fun, Fun! (+food)
03.21 - 03.23.19 
Florida District Rally - see website: 
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03.25 - 04.06.19 
40 to Phoenix Ride - see website: 
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Maryland Chapter H - Spaghetti/Bingo (pre-reg required)
03.07.19 - Rainbow Dinner Theater - 
"In-laws, Outlaws and other Family Matters"
04.04 thru .09.19
Louisiana District Rally
Garage Day at the Engle's  8 AM to 3 PM 
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Officer Conference - Clearfield, PA ---->
Ruthie's Fashion - Eden Resort (must RSVP - see flyer!)
Check the calendar for pre-reservations for MD-H Bingo 03.30.19, Rainbow Dinner Theater 03.07.19, District Rally 05.16-18.19 and ABBA at AMT on 05.19.19 as well as other state Rallies, 40 to Phoenix and the Bar Harbor - Nova Scotia Tours
ABBA Concert at AMT - pre-register by 02.10 and Final payment 04.10
See SPECIAL EVENTS TAB for information and to sign-up for PA-B Spring Fling on 05.11.19 and District Rally 05.16 - 18.19         Pre-Registration is required
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   Schedule an Impromptu Ride!  Place info in Guest Book  ------------->
   Schedule an Impromptu Ride!  Place info in Guest Book  ------------->
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Visit to PA-H in Sugarloaf, PA (see calendar for details)

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Visit to PA-C in Cranbury Township (see calendar for details)
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Leg 1 - 07.27.19  - 08.04.19
​Bar harbor and Acadia National Park - early registration is REQUIRED
06.14 - 16.19 ALL CHAPTERS WEST - Flags and our Fathers
Sandy Lake, PA - Pre-register by 05.30.19
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Visit PA-Y in Skippack, PA  (see calendar for details)
02.23.19  -  (yes, two visits in one day! - come join us!)
Visit PA-I in Reynoldsville, PA  (see calendar for details)
Visit to PA-W in Everett, PA  (see calendar for details)
PA-M 31st Annual Hobo Stew (see calendar for more details)
Leg 2 - 07.27.19 - 08.08.19
Nova Scotia Sou'Wester Rally - pre-registration required
Leg 3 - 07.27.19 - 08.15.19
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward island - early registration is REQUIRED
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More info and a flyer coming very soon!!!
More info coming very soon on the calendar also!!
Chapter V - Bunny Run - see calendar or PA-V website for details    NEW! 02.10.19
04.27.19 -TOO MANY events this day
to list here now. Check calendar!!!