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2018 Top 3 Riders
Jim Duff = 14,218
Larry Greathouse = 12,094
Johnny Bell = 10,582

2018 Top 3 Co-Riders
Ruth Ann Greathouse= 11,744
Sandi Spence = 4,869
Kathy Fazio = 4,010

Total of (17) members reporting = 110,717 miles 

2017 Top 3 Riders
Daniel Patterson = 16,170
Barry Sattazahn = 15,089
John Parker = 14,385

2017 Top 3 Co-Riders
Jeanne Parker = 9,589
Ellen Patterson = 8,560
Bonnie Kerkeslager = 7,324

Total of (28) members reporting = 180,466 miles ridden

2016 Top 3 Riders
Johnny Bell = 41,198
Barry Sattazahn =17,650
John Yavor = 15,571

2016 Top 3 Co-Riders
Bonnie Kerkeslager = 8,935
Sandi Spence = 7,272
Jeanne Parker = 4,388

Total (18) members reporting = 183,227 miles ridden 

Our Rides!

Interested in rides we conduct as a Chapter? Places we have been? Want to check us out? But... you say, "Well, I don't like riding in large groups" No problem. We have planned rides with as few as two bikes but generally no more than 9 bikes. Just let us know your preference and we'll try to accommodate you.

 You say, "I don't like to ride with all the safety gear you guys wear." Well, that's OK too. (Although we prefer that you at least don't wear flip-flops, sandals or open toed shoes.) All we ask is that you ride your own ride, safely, and follow our Ride Leaders travel instructions. Oh, you also say, "I don't have a CB on my bike like you have." That too is OK. We know hand signals and will place you in a riding position so we can communicate with you. So, whatever concerns you have, just talk to us - we're a Friendly bunch!

We're sure that after attending at least 3 of our functions, you'll want to 
"Come Ride with Us."
High Mileage Club

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see where we have been. Photos 
will be changed or added, so check 
               back again soon.
Millersburg Ferry Ride
Blue Ridge Parkway
Ride for Kids - Baltimore
Sick Day from Work Ride
The Natural Bridge, VA
Neighboring Chapter Visits
Red Deer Farm
Moonshine Run, IL
Annual Stag Ride (women invited also)
Bill's Bike Barn
Bunny Run for Kids
Washington DC in December
Alpaca Farm
The Goat Races