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2017 Top 3 Riders
Daniel Patterson = 16,170
Barry Sattazahn = 15,089
John Parker = 14,385

2017 Top 3 Co-Riders
Jeanne Parker = 9,589
Ellen Patterson = 8,560
Bonnie Kerkeslager = 7,324
Total of (28) riders and co-riders reporting = 180,466 miles ridden

2016 Top 3 Riders
Johnny Bell = 41,198
Barry Sattazahn =17,650
John Yavor = 15,571

2016 Top 3 Co-Riders
Bonnie Kerkeslager = 8,935
Sandi Spence = 7,272
Jeanne Parker = 4,388
Total (18) riders reporting = 183,227 miles ridden 

Johnny Bell = 19,225
Don Engle = 16,284
Jim Duff = 15,990
Total (19) riders reporting =
 147,366 miles ridden

Johnny Bell = 18,648
Gerry Kerkeslager = 13,550
Larry Greathouse = 13,071
Total (19) riders reporting = 
152,630 miles ridden

Dan Moyer = 24,494
Johnny Bell = 21,230
Jim Duff = 18, 139
Total (26) riders reporting = 
220,914 miles ridden

Don and Mary Engle - 2002 - 1800 - Pearl Yellow - with 1996 Champion Colorado Trailer with custom paint and graphics
This page is dedicated to our Members "Rides" or Motorcycles and Outfits, the miles we put on those rides (as listed to the right), and to other tidbits about "Our Rides". After all, we are a Motorcycle Chapter and we like to show off a little.
Denise Ness takes Barry for a Ride
Barry and Denise Ness' Trike
Barry in his younger years
Denise's Ride
Barry's earlier Gold Wing
High Mileage Club
Earl Breneman on his earlier Ride
Connie and Earl with their 1500 Gold Wing
Earl working on his bike on garage day
Ron Spence's Ride
Gerry and Bonnie Kerkeslager's First Trike 1985 1200
Gerry and Bonnie with their current 1800 Newport Blue trike
Winning trophies from several Bike Shows in 2013
Gerry and Bonnie captured on a ride on the Tail of the Dragon
More trophies from other Bike Shows in 2011
Faye Oberholser with their 2013 Pearl Silver Goldwing 1800
John Oberholser with his 2013 Pearl Silver Goldwing 1800
Bob and Dianna Long's Trike
Jim Duff
Jim on Tail of the Dragon
Jim and Becky on Tail of the Dragon
Jim and Becky Duff's new 2018 Gold Wing Tour
John and Jeanne Parker
Johnny's earlier ride - 1500
Terry and Mary Heil trike
Eric Clavier
Eric and Linda in Weisbaden Germany
Wayne Ferland in Solanco Parade
Larry and Ruth Ann Greathouse on their trike
Lloyd Ginder's 1500 Gold Wing
Richard Shutt 1500 Gold Wing
George and Kathy Fazio on their Honda 650
George and Kathy Fazio's1500 Gold Wing
George's bike after being "triked"
FIne paint job on the trike wheels!
Kathy waiting for George! LOL
Jim and Patti Burr - Yellow Trike and trailer