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"Safety is for Life"

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Rider Education and Safety Level Programs

Level 1
Safety by  Commitment
Level 2
Safety by Education

Level 3
Safety by Preparedness
Level 4
Safety by Education and Preparedness
Becky Duff
 Mary Engle
Sandi Lenhard
Mike Yavor
John Yavor
George Fazio, Sr.

Connie Breneman
Peter Eshelman
Catherine Green
Elizabeth Grumbine
Robert Grumbine
Jean Lawrie-Parker
Craig Lenhard
John Parker III
Robert Simmons
Sandy Spence
​Katherine Fazio

​Level 4 Master Riders:
Bob Gomez 5262
Diana Long 9630
Jim Burr 9686
Robert Long 9720
Earl Breneman 9760 
Larry Greathouse 9911
Eric Clavier 9924
Pat Simmons 9961
Patricia Forbes-Burr 9985
Jim Duff 10176
Linda Clavier 10402
Ruth Ann Greathouse 10442
​Ron Spence  10667
The above Level 3 and 4 Riders/Co-Riders are trained and certified in CPR/First Aid and carry a First Aid Kit on their bike at all times.

In July 2019, Ron Spence (Assistant Director) receives his Level 4, Master Rider patch from Patty Burr, Director.
Safety Seminar after a Gathering
CPR/First Aid Training
Education of the public through Yard Sign sales
BRC/ARC Training through PAMSF
Putting safety to practice during a Chapter ride - pulling over for an emergency vehicle coming from behind..
Bikes lines up for the PAMSF Advanced Rider Course.
Level 4 Senior Master Riders:
(Level 4 plus 5+ years)​
Donald Engle 8844
Bonnie Kerkeslager 9607
Gerry Kerkeslager 9608
The GWRRA Rider Education Program (REP) is intended to make the motorcycle environment safer by reducing injuries and fatalities and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness.

The REP does not propose to have all the answers. However, our close working relationship with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) [ ], as well as additional GWRRA programs and studies, has provided a wealth of information for use in establishing a comprehensive Rider Education Program. Through commitment, education and application, we can reduce our accident rate significantly.

Listed below are several benefits of a fully implemented GWRRA Rider Education Program at the Chapter level:
  • Increased rider knowledge
  • Reduced fatalities
  • Enhanced enjoyment of motorcycle riding
  • Increased rider safety skills
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Reduced injuries

The motorcycle community is already realizing many positive benefits from the GWRRA Rider Education Program. Through the efforts of the Rider Education Officers and participation of the membership and others, we will reach our goal of establishing the safest motorcycle environment possible.

GWRRA has chosen several educational training programs for the Riders and Co-Riders such as the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) programs, the United Sidecar Association course, the CSC (Canadian Safety Council) programs, and the GWRRA's Advanced Riding courses. Completing these courses provides the foundation and skills for your quest to be a safe motorcycle rider. All recognized programs are taught by qualified and nationally-certified instructors.

Motorcycle education goes "hand in hand" with commitment. The "on bike" education by MSF, USCA, CSC, and GWRRA for the Rider and Co-Rider and the "off bike" education designed specifically for the Co-Rider, provide a very effective approach to motorcycle safety. 

It is not mandatory that you participate in the Levels program as GWRRA's only commitment from you is to "ride safe". How you do that, and at what level you do that, is purely up to you. We would ask that you consider joining the Levels Programs making our  chapter a better, safer chapter.
Level 4 Life Grand Master Riders:
(Level 4 plus 15+ years)​
Johnny Bell 1309